It’s a must that you taste our fabulous Portuguese wines from well known and prestigious wine regions such as Dão, Alentejo, Estremadura, Douro, Minho, Trás-os-Montes.

In Portugal, wines are classified as rosé, white and red. The colour varies depending on the grapes involved.


Em português, por favor.En Français, s'il vous plaît.In Deutsch, bitte.In Italiano, per favore.En Español, por favor.


In English, please.


Butter / cheese
Meat, shrimp or codfish croquette (unit)
Smoked ham de Chaves
Smoked ham with melon or pineapple
Prawns cocktail
"Nisa" cheese

Fresh seafood

Clams "Bulhão Pato"
Boiled prawns (kg)
Grilled prawns (kg)


Vegetable soup
"Alentejana" soup
Seafood cream
Green portuguese soup (caldo verde)


Shrimp omelet with fries and salad
Ham or cheese omelet with fries and salad
Spanish tortilla

Fish dishes

Seafood rice (2 persons)
Bean stew with shrimps
"Solar" codfish (house specialty)
Grilled codfish with baked potatoes
Squid and shrimps on the spit
Grilled grouper (garoupa) with potatoes and vegetables
Grilled sole (linguado) with potatoes and vegetables
Grilled salmon with potatoes and vegetables
Kingfish fillets with white rice and salad
Grilled kingfish slice (cherne) with potatoes and salad
Sardines barbecue with potatoes
Grilled gilthead bream (dourada) with potatoes and salad
"Caldeirada" (portuguese fish stew) cataplana (2 persons)
Mixed grilled with potatoes (2 persons) (specialty)
Grilled fresh squids with potatoes and salad
Grilled seabass (robalo) with potatoes and salad

Meat dishes

Mixed grill on the spit
Slices of dark pork on charcoal with fries and salad
Home chicken stew with rice and a vinegar flavor (house specialty)
Pork and clams "Alentejana", fries and salad
Pork steak on charcoal with fries
Sirloin veal steak "Solar" with fries and salad
Pork small steak on charcoal with fries
Pork or veal scallops with fries and salad
Roasted chicken with fries
T-bone steak barbecue with fries
English style loin steak
Pork chops barbecue with fries “Picanha” on the coals


Mixed salads
Tuna salad.

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